My Obsessive-Compulsive Guide to the TCM Classic Film Festival

From Aurora:

My plans and thoughts on the upcoming TCM Film Festival will be featured in a post here soon. However, there’s no way I can ever discuss the event with the insight offered in this entry. So, here it is – a must read…

cinematically insane

screen-shot-2012-09-26-at-4-13-21-pm(UPDATES are in italics.)

This is something I look forward to – and dread – all year long.

Now that the schedule for the upcoming TCM Classic Film Festival has finally been released, the impossible choices must begin. And, with more than 100 screenings and special events spread over just 82 hours, I have to come to terms with an unfortunate reality: I will miss most of them.

And that’s the way TCM wants it.

“You want people to have to make hard decisions,” host Ben Mankiewicz told me before the third annual conclave last spring. “You want people to suffer. It’s not out of cruelty; it’s just what works best for a festival. That’s how you keep events well attended and people feeling like, ‘Oh my God. I gotta come back next year!’”

From my perspective, nobody has to worry about classic film fans wanting to come back again…

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    1. I’m not sure if you mean me – or Will. But I certainly will! I am thrilled to have been granted media credentials and plan to post about every step of this journey. I’m just not sure how much blogging I’ll do from there since I want to soak in every moment – I will be tweeting as much as possible in the meantime. I assume the same applies for Will.


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