Cyd Charisse – a tribute in Pictures

Cyd Charisse, who was born Tula Ellice Finklea, would have celebrated a birthday today.  This image gallery is in tribute to her style and elegance as she graced the silver screen and won our hearts in countless classic musicals during the golden age of Hollywood.  A unique talent, mesmerizing to look at.

“If I had to give up either acting or dancing, I’d choose to keep dancing.”

6 thoughts

  1. Fabulous pictures and so many new to me. My favourites are from BAND WAGON. that red dress ….”She came at me in sections……”
    Haven’t seen MEET ME IN LAS VEGAS in a long time.

  2. Wow! Ms charice! You blow my socks off! The moves, the gestures, the poise! I never really noticed. When god was creating geniuses, he thought I need to create a dancer, that will be the ultimate dancer! The creation was ms charice!

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