1st known Hitchcock film preserved

Back in May of last year I had the privilege to participate in the For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon III.  My contribution was a post titled, “The Hitchcock Signature” for the grand event hosted by the Self Styled SirenFerdy on Films, and This Island Rod.  That blogathon was intended to raise funds for the National Film Preservation Foundation (NFPF).  Many bloggers from around the world participated in the event with entries featuring the work of the master, Alfred Hitchcock because the particular film the May 2012 event was geared toward trying to save was The White Shadow from 1924, the first surviving feature credited to Alfred Hitchcock.

Anyway, now to the news – I am sharing the email I just received from the NFPF…

Dear NFPF supporter,

Exciting news! The Online Film Critics Society presented the contributors to the “For the Love of Film” BlogathonFandor.com, and the NFPF a special award honoring the web premiere of The White Shadow, the first surviving feature credited to Alfred Hitchcock.  Through this collaboration, the NFPF was able to debut the film two months ago athttp://www.filmpreservation.org

As of December 31, more than 39,000 viewers have watched the presentation.  There has been so much interest that we’ve extended the screening through January 31.

As a contributor to the Blogathon, you are very much a part of this award. Your gift to the NFPF helped make this groundbreaking web premiere possible.  Thank you again for your support!

Best Wishes,

Ihsan Amanatullah

Programs Assistant

National Film Preservation Foundation


If you’re interested in watching the surviving reels of The White Shadow (1924), please go to the National Film Preservation Foundation site, which is noted in that email or it can accessed here.

By the way, I realize it may seem silly to share an email on a blog but I could not have explained the process involved and the success an event such as a blogathon can have.  I’m ecstatic about this and grateful for the small role I played in giving a classic film, and important one by my estimation, the chance to make through another screening – be it online.  By way of this post I also want to extend congratulations to the hosts of the For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon III,  Self Styled SirenFerdy on Films, and This Island Rod for a fantastic event and its wonderful results.

Finally, here’s an opportunity to play your part in ensuring classic films survive for future generations.  You can make a donation, for any amount, by going to the NFPF site directly.


3 thoughts

  1. This blogathon was a blast. I hope there is another one this year and with a significant cause, as well. Glad that the film is available until the end of the month, I loved watching it.

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