To Judy Garland – OTR

This is for Judy Garland.

“Judy Garland was the most exciting sheer talent I ever worked with.  She was so unpredictable, very child-like, very difficult to work with at times, but the rewards were immense.” – Norman Jewison

“The most talented woman I ever knew was Judy Garland.” – Bing Crosby

“She was just simply wonderful.” – Fred Astaire



From 1942 the Lux Radio Theatre presentation of “A Star is Born” starring Judy Garland and Walter Pidgeon.


From Radio Hall of Fame an hour with mistress of ceremonies Judy Garland in 1944


From 1946 Judy stars in a Suspense Theater presentation of “Drive In”


From 1951 The Hallmark Playhouse presentation of “Cinderella” starring Judy (in three parts):


From 1952 Judy stars on The General Electric Theater


Bonus – Judy on television – from 1966 as host on “The Hollywood Palace”


Judy would have celebrated a birthday this week and I post this in remembrance.

A legend that endures.


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