The VINCENT PRICE of Fear / TCM in October

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has chosen Vincent Price as its Star of the Month for October.  The Merchant of Menace with the special gift for the macabre is among the most beloved actors to ever grace our screens and a perfect choice to be the classics network’s featured player during the spookiest month of the year.

By all accounts a lovely man, Vincent Price leaves a lasting impression both because of his impressive physique and by way of his unmistakable voice.  Oh yes, and he happened to be a wonderful actor as well, a standard for a genre of entertainment.  I’m always excited, if a bit tingly with chills when I watch films in which he starred.  Price’s looks, screams, diatribes and poetry, which most of what he said sounded like, are ever thrilling.  There will never be another like him and the unique brand of black humor he injected into so many moments of horror is appreciated by fans of all genre of film.

“The horror thriller offers the serious actor unique opportunities to test his ability to make the unbelievable believable.”

As my own small tribute to the legend of Vincent Price and to kick off October on Once Upon a Screen, I offer his sights and sounds – The Vincent Price of Fear.

The sights…

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The sounds…

Given Vincent Price’s gift of ceremonial oration it should be no surprise that he had a long a distinguished career on radio.  I could have chosen any number of performances to feature here, but I went with three episodes of a popular BBC Radio series Price hosted starting in 1973, The Price of Fear.  You can read all about the series here.  If you take the time to listen to these episodes, you’ll note the series was produced with great care and features outstanding music, which enhances Price’s talents in the arena of the eery.  I’m not ashamed to admit I am forced to listen to these with the lights on.


The Price of Fear:  “An Eye for an Eye”

The Price of Fear: “Cats Cradle”

 Embedding of the third episode I want to feature is not allowed, but I simply couldn’t exclude it from this post.  This is an episode of The Price of Fear with Price and special guest star, Peter Cushing.  Entitled, “The Man Who Hated Scenes” it’s fabulous entertainment – two masters at play.  Listen to it here.


“[Tim Burton‘s Vincent (1982)] was immortality – better than a star on Hollywood Boulevard.” – Vincent Price

And here it is, the ultimate tribute by Tim Burton with whom I have one thing in common – I grew up watching and listening to Vincent Price:


Films featuring Vincent Price alone make October special on TCM, although I have to say that the network, which is gearing up toward the celebration of its 20th anniversary in April has really been knocking the schedule out of the park of late.  September, for instance, featured the first five episodes of The Story of Film: An Odyssey – a 15-episode documentary directed and narrated by Mark Cousins.  Individual episodes of the documentary are presented on Mondays each week supplemented by a line-up of feature films related to each episode.  The entire festival, which runs through December, is dedicated to over 100 years of world film history and will include 119 movies from 29 countries, many of them TCM premieres.  In addition, the month of September on TCM offered the “Sundays with Hitch” month-long festival, which was fantastic.  Only the likes of a Vincent Price could quell our appetite for more fabulous and the network is meeting that demand.  For classics geeks like me, October and horror just got classier and I expect social media – in my circles in any case – will be very lively indeed for 31 days.  

And, by the way, as if the films featuring Price are not enough enjoyable Halloween fare, TCM is also spotlighting another festival dedicated to the ghostly with “Friday Night Spooklight,” which will feature classic films sure to put chills in my old, scaredy-cat bones.  Check the TCM schedule for details.  Worth noting also with regards to other October film standouts on TCM is a special article by Martin Scorsese posted on the TCM site in which he discusses his own October Highlights and recommendations.

My comfy chair is in place, pillows are propped and DVR is set to go is all I’m sayin’.

Welcome to October 2013 blogosphere – the Vincent Price of Fear month.


22 thoughts

    1. YES! If you get through these radio shows during your road trips without losing sleep, you’ll do great by the movies. I’m the biggest chicken there is and I love Price movies. Eerily creepy but with style.


      1. Really? I’m a big chicken too, so there’s hope? 🙂 Okay, got these for this week’s road trip. Hubby loves all things Vincent Price so it’s time to give at least these radio shows a listen. Hubby says, thanks!!

        1. Great! He’ll probably roll his eyes at the fact you and I find even these shows scary but I do! Still loads of fun – be sure to let me know how you guys liked them.


    1. Hope you enjoy The Price of Fear eps. Let me know.

      I love how we’re all such chickens. I grew up watching Usher and others and was deeply scarred. But with an older brother who loved everything horror and one television set, I had little choice. I remember one halloween in grammar school they showed House of Wax in 3D in the auditorium as a special treat. I didn’t sleep for weeks.


  1. I am so in love with this man. I think he is one of THE most urbane sexy underrated actors of all time. A gentleman in real life, art aficionado and just wonderful to watch in any performance, from Laura to House of Usher. Love this man! So glad to see you giving him attention at your gin joint

    1. I agree, Joey! So dashing and memorable in everything! I remember his interviews on The Tonight Show and as a child didn’t believe he could be so handsome and pleasant in real life when he terrorized me with a mere word.


  2. Excellent post. TCM has been on a bit of a roll lately, haven’t they?

    I’m going to be zipping home next month a lot to catch stuff because I don’t have a DVR. I grew up watching too many Vincent Price flicks, so I hope to see some favorites and a few I’ve yet to see from earlier in his long career.

    Of course, I’m still hoping that they get one of my all-time favorite foreign comedies (The Mad Adventures of Rabbi Jacob), but we’ll see… we’ll see. Another post for another time…

    1. Check out the schedule on to see if they’re playing that. I haven’t seen that comedy. Unfortunately, I’m familiar mostly with Vincent’s scary films but have to correct that. He was so memorable in so much.

      Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting!


  3. I adore Vincent … I’ve watched most of his movies, I’ve listened to many of his radio shows, and I’ve done all that multiple times! I just can’t get enough of him! Thanks for all of the links and stuff here — I’ll be returning several times to enjoy them!

  4. The other day Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” came on the car radio and I listened to Vincent Price’s monologue. He always had such a clear, articulate speaking voice, didn’t he? I’ve heard him in the old radio show “The Saint” and he was superb, as you know.

    I’m glad TCM is honouring him. Sometimes I wonder if he gets the recognition he deserves…

    1. Me too. I’m one of the ones that think only of his scary stuff in both film and radio, but he did so much more.

      I admit I love Thriller and Vincent’s rap in it is awesome!! I considered adding it to this post.


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