Claudette Colbert OTR Tribute

She was number 12 on the list of actresses on The American Film Institute’s 50 Greatest Screen Legends and today she would have celebrated her 110th birthday.  This is for Claudette Colbert.

“I’ve always believed that acting is instinct to start with; you either have it or you don’t.”

I celebrate this special day with an old-time radio double feature starring Ms. Colbert and two very talented leading men.

Lux Radio Theater presents “The Ex Mrs Bradford” – from June 19, 1939 starring William Powell and Claudette Colbert.

From April 1, 1952 Claudette Colbert joins Bob Hope at the Marine Corps Depot at Barstow, California.

“I know what’s best for me, after all I have been in the Claudette Colbert business longer than anybody.”


10 thoughts

  1. She was never not likable in a film, was she? I was trying to think of my fave Claudette C. performance, and I can’t pick just one. Even if the movie was so-so, she had a way of elevating it. She always struck me as a quality actor, if that makes any sense?

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