Lighthearted fare from the Warner Bros. slate of classic stars is my recommendation for this Memorial Day. ♦ Edward Everett Horton and S. Z. Sakall are producers Farnsworth and Dr. Schlenna (respectively) who are staging a show called “Cavalcade of Stars” in order to raise money for Allied charities during World War II.  The duo have […]

Verne And Julie

Gable and Crawford: King and Queen of Hollywood

This is the story of Hollywood royalty.  Sparks flew and embers are still visible in their movie pairings – eight in total – all at Metro Goldwyn Mayer.  Of all the stars in the heavens they were two of the brightest… Gable and Crawford By 1931 Joan Crawford‘s star was already shining brightly. Not only was […]

feat wb

Best of Warner Bros. 50-Film Collection

I have a special affection for Warner Bros. (WB) – the studio that gave us Cagney, Davis and Bogart with a tough and gritty attitude, a realism no other studio could emulate – or dared to.  It’s the stuff that dreams are made of – for classic film fans in any case.  So Imagine my […]


The Great Gatsby classics

In celebration of the Warner Bros. release of Baz Luhrmann’s, The Great Gatsby this week I thought it would be fun to share images and clips of the classic versions of the film.  A post dedicated to my own indulgence. “Although a lost film, the trailer survived and is one of the 50 films in the 3-disk […]


MARY ASTOR – the stuff that dreams are made of

“A painter paints, a musician plays, a writer writes – but a movie actor waits.” Mary Astor‘s friend, John Huston and actor, Humphrey Bogart went to her house one day with a script in hand.  The script, titled The Maltese Falcon, was written by Huston and was based on Dashiell Hammett’s 1930 detective novel of […]


History of Columbia Pictures, Part 1

I’ve had this entry, a history of Columbia Pictures, done for some time but it never seemed the right time to publish it last year given 2012 was a year of Centennial celebrations for both Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios. It didn’t seem quite right to post the Columbia story then, but it does now. […]


My Movie Alphabet

So how many times have I said that I hate lists in posts?  OK.  Many.  I will never do so again.  I ran into Mettel Ray Movie Blog and saw a great blogathon idea that entails creating and commenting on the mother of all lists.  And here I am, by choice, facing quite the challenge […]


Morality and Relationships, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT

The home of the classics, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) played Frank Capra‘s 1934, Best Picture Academy Award winner, It Happened One Night this past weekend.  This is, for some reason, a film I never think of when I consider Capra’s great films, and he made many of them, but I was reminded on Sunday of […]

humphrey bogart & dooley wilson - casablanca 1943

Everybody comes to Rick’s

Widely considered one of the best films ever made, there is no lack of information and/or commentary available on Michael Curtiz‘ 1942, classic of classics, Casablanca.  We can’t seem to stop watching this film and later, discussing it.  It’s simply a wonder, a miracle of the Hollywood Studio System. That said, here’s another post dedicated […]


The culture at Warner Bros.

While pursuing my master’s degree in Media and Professional Communications, I took a course in Corporate Culture.  One of the assignments in the course required we choose a corporation and write about its culture based on the Arthur W. Page Society’s principles as discussed in “The Authentic Enterprise.”  I chose to write about Warner Bros. and […]


My night in Casablanca

Bogart.  Bergman.  Henreid.  Rains.  Romance.  Intrigue.  Espionage.  Patriotism. Humor.  Humanity.  Just a few of the reasons why I was one of what I hope were millions who went to a local movie theater last night to see a film I’d seen countless times before. I imagined being part of a WWII American audience simply doing […]