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#TCMFF 2014 Highlights – the stars

I imagine every single TCM and classic film fan that attended this years TCM Classic Film Festival (TCMFF) is having as difficult time as I am reconciling the fact it […]


The VINCENT PRICE of Fear / TCM in October

Turner Classic Movies (TCM) has chosen Vincent Price as its Star of the Month for October.  The Merchant of Menace with the special gift for the macabre is among the most beloved actors […]


WHAT A CHARACTER! blogathon 2013

No role is too small for the great actors who often appear in the periphery of our beloved classic films.  For the second year in a row we put them […]


Happy anniversary – TCMparty

Today, September 3rd, marks the two-year anniversary of #TCMparty, a twitter hashtag many people follow while watching movies on Turner Classic Movies (TCM).  #TCMparty is not affiliated with TCM, but […]


TCM comes to New York

Prior to my first pilgrimage out West to attend the Turner Classic Movies Film Festival (TCMFF) this past April, I was one of those who hoped and prayed TCM would […]


Calamity Jane

It’s the latter part of the Nineteenth Century – when the West was being won.  Our story takes place in the town of Deadwood in the Black Hills of South […]



Turner Classic Movies (TCM) kicks off its 2013 Summer Under the Stars (SUTS) event, which takes place every August, with a day-long tribute to the man who is ranked #1 on […]


TCMFF…abide and endure

Ghosts and the rapidly beating hearts of film geeks collided. I was in heaven. We descended on Hollywood like moths to flames looking forward to a weekend filled with movies, […]


Ninotchka (1939)

“Prologue: This picture takes place in Paris in those wonderful days when a siren was a brunette and not an alarm – and if a Frenchman turned out the light […]


Bedtime Story for Loretta Young

A Delirious and Delightful Delving into Love’s Most Entrancing Moments of Mirth and Madness! As far as taglines go, that’s a mouthful!  It belongs to a romantic comedy from Columbia […]


My Movie Alphabet

So how many times have I said that I hate lists in posts?  OK.  Many.  I will never do so again.  I ran into Mettel Ray Movie Blog and saw […]


Watching THE BIRDS

Last night I was one of the very happy many who saw Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic, The Birds on a big screen thanks to Turner Classic Movies (TCM), Fathom Events […]


Captain Louis Renault

On the day that Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is honoring one of cinemas greatest actors, Claude Rains, I am confessing my unwavering love for Captain Louis Renault in a simple […]


The Quiet Man

The “best” films are the ones that touch us on an emotional level.  They stir, they move, they ultimately conquer us.  I am all too willing to surrender to them, […]


My night in Casablanca

Bogart.  Bergman.  Henreid.  Rains.  Romance.  Intrigue.  Espionage.  Patriotism. Humor.  Humanity.  Just a few of the reasons why I was one of what I hope were millions who went to a […]