History of Columbia Pictures, Part 2

This is the second part of a two-part post. To read part 1, which covers the early years of Columbia Pictures, please go here or access it on this blog’s home page.  Reading Part 1 first is highly recommended. The History of Columbia Pictures, Part 2… Tyranny The culture within Columbia Pictures was complex, as […]


History of Columbia Pictures, Part 1

I’ve had this entry, a history of Columbia Pictures, done for some time but it never seemed the right time to publish it last year given 2012 was a year of Centennial celebrations for both Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios. It didn’t seem quite right to post the Columbia story then, but it does now. […]


The culture at Warner Bros.

While pursuing my master’s degree in Media and Professional Communications, I took a course in Corporate Culture.  One of the assignments in the course required we choose a corporation and write about its culture based on the Arthur W. Page Society’s principles as discussed in “The Authentic Enterprise.”  I chose to write about Warner Bros. and […]