Eve Arden and ‘The Ida Factor’ in MILDRED PIERCE (1945)

“What is this a family reunion?” said the tall, determined woman with a quick draw for a mouth. She is in the end what she is in the beginning. Her name is Ida Corwin and her quips alone are worth the price of admission. We first see Ida in Mildred Pierce in a police station. The […]


George M. Cohan and YANKEE DOODLE DANDY (1942)

The only statue that stands, permanently giving a regard to Broadway is of a wise-cracking, patriotic son of Irish immigrants who personified the American stage.  His name was George M. Cohan and he owned Broadway. “I can’t remember a time when I did not want to be on the stage.” George M. Cohan took his first […]

humphrey bogart & dooley wilson - casablanca 1943

Everybody comes to Rick’s

Widely considered one of the best films ever made, there is no lack of information and/or commentary available on Michael Curtiz‘ 1942, classic of classics, Casablanca.  We can’t seem to stop watching this film and later, discussing it.  It’s simply a wonder, a miracle of the Hollywood Studio System. That said, here’s another post dedicated […]

mildred FEAT

Mildred Pierce – novel to film

Since the beginning of cinema popular books and novels have been converted to screenplays in an attempt to draw audiences to big screens to watch stories that were familiar to them.  Not to mention books have always been a wonderful resource for film material.  During the time when Michael Curtiz’, Mildred Pierce was produced for the […]


Captain Louis Renault

On the day that Turner Classic Movies (TCM) is honoring one of cinemas greatest actors, Claude Rains, I am confessing my unwavering love for Captain Louis Renault in a simple but heartfelt post.  Captain Renault is the scheming, cheating, back-stabbing, lying, womanizing, corrupt prefect in Casablanca, and I adore him. “I have no conviction, if […]