Turner-n-Taylor in JOHNNY EAGER

MGM presents TNT – Taylor ‘n Turner – Together ‘n Terrific! A roaring blast of dynamic Action! A racketeer named Johnny Eager is out on parole and posing as a taxi driver, a ruse intended to make his parole officer think he’s now a reformed man.  Nothing could be further from the truth.   Not […]


DUELING DIVAS À l’ombre du noir

Concluding a year during which this blog took on a life of its own, I submit what I believe is my last blogathon entry of 2012.  This is a very special event hosted by the ultra talented Backlots, the Dueling Divas blogathon. As my entry, I chose to compare two grand divas of noir, Phyllis Dietrichson in […]

Imitation FEAT

Imitation of Life

I was given an assignment – to submit an essay discussing Douglas Sirk’s 1959 melodrama, Imitation of Life in a “Career Women in Film” course I took some time ago. Since the topic didn’t thrill me, I submitted the following essay, which certainly addresses the topic but also includes some, shall we say, melodrama of […]