The Wilder-Lemmon Affair

“I promised myself, ‘I’m not going to let him do all those marvelous tricks.’   But I’m helpless.  Jack’s talent seduces me, and I’m too weakened to resist.” – Billy Wilder “To be with and work with Billy Wilder is sheer bliss.  He is the most extraordinary man I have ever known.” – Jack Lemmon […]


getTV Mickey Rooney Blogathon: OPERATION MAD BALL (1957)

Jack Lemmon got his first leading role in Richard Quine‘s OPERATION MAD BALL (1957), a screwball military comedy with an entertaining cast that includes Ernie Kovacs, Kathryn Grant, Arthur O’Connell, Mickey Rooney, Dick York and James Darren. With a screenplay co-written by Arthur Carter, Jed Harris and Blake Edwards, OPERATION MAD BALL is about a group of […]


A Twist of Lemmon

Here’s to Jack Lemmon on what would have been his ninetieth birthday. A wonderful actor to whom I’ve already dedicated a post noting my favorite performances, The Magic of Lemmon, Jack was also a self-taught, accomplished pianist and a damn good singer.  In tribute to one I can honestly say I adore without ever having met […]


Marilyn – a career in pictures

In tribute to Marilyn… (June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962) “I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful.” Many extraordinary talents came and went in the 20th Century, only a handful of which are considered true icons.  The ones whose image alone inspires a deeply-felt response from people.  To me, […]

lemmon FEAT

The magic of Lemmon

This is by far the most difficult post I’ve ever tried to write. I’ve thought about it since I first saw the announcement for the Summer Under the Stars (SUTS) blogathon hosted by Michael and Jill.  I believe that’s over a month ago.  That’s not my usual M.O.   But then this is no ordinary […]

wilder FEAT

Billy Wilder Speaks

While on a plane recently I watched Billy Wilder Speaks (2006), a film by Volker Schlöndorff. My intention was to find one of the great director’s films to dedicate a post to in celebration of what would have been his 106th birthday.  I am, like millions of others, a huge fan of his work.  With the […]