Bright star

The Irene Dunne-Fred MacMurray Show

Not long ago I found a new-to-me old-time radio show called “Bright Star.”  I listened to every single episode of the show’s first and only season during a road trip and thought I’d introduce you to it today, the birth anniversary of one of its stars, Irene Dunne. “Bright Star” was also known as “The […]


The inimitable voice of Cary Grant

“For all anyone knows, God could be Cary Grant.”  Carol Morin This post surfaces not because I adore him, but because he was one of the greats and today would have been his 110th birthday (January 18, 1904 – November 29, 1986).  Here’s the inimitable voice of Cary Grant in three fantastically entertaining old-time radio […]


Cary Grant: The Road to Suspicion

There’s so much that could be said about the extraordinary career of Cary Grant, arguably the greatest of all movie stars and one of the most important actors in cinema history.  Today I delve into the part of his career that led him to meet and subsequently work with one of the greatest directors who […]


7 x 7 Award – My favorite posts

I was tagged by three great bloggers, Kari at What Happened to Hollywood, Kristina at Speakeasy and Stephen at Classic Movie Man (thank you!) for what seems to be a “tag-you’re-it” blog award.  To me it means the world that other, very highly regarded bloggers even think of my blog so I’m thrilled to be mentioned not by […]


Cary Grant’s greatest co-star, Irene Dunne

Irene Dunne and Cary Grant made three pictures together.  Far too few for this fan.  Those were, Leo McCarey’s, The Awful Truth (1937), Garson Kanin’s, My Favorite Wife (1940) and George Stevens’, Penny Serenade (1941).  The first post I ever did for a blogathon was on their first collaboration, which happens to be one of […]

Smitty praying

The Awful Truth …the matter of Mr. Smith

Divorce.  An ugly business.  It turns love into hate and dependency into burden.  Facts that are never truer than when young ones are involved – when they are forced to choose between those they love most. Mr. Smith, or Smitty, as his friends and family know him, has to grapple with this difficult situation one […]