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Dracula, a tribute

This week (May 26th to be exact) marks the 125th anniversary of the release of Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula.  It went on sale for the first time in London bookshops on that day in 1897.  Since (to me) that novel introduced what would become the single, most popular and influential character in popular culture, I […]

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Novel to films – The Godfather

Since its beginning, cinema has been inspired by many other art forms – but none has had the impact on the telling of stories on the big screen as literature, the written word, more specifically, books and novels.  As source material, novels have dealt motion pictures huge varieties of topics and stories from which to […]

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The Godfather trilogy – reviews and reception

On March 24, 2012, The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola’s organized crime family masterpiece, celebrates an anniversary – the 40th from the day it was released. To honor it, here is a look back at how the film and its sequels were received when first released. Mario Puzo’s novel, The Godfather has sold over 21 million […]