A Judy Garland tribute

Judy would have celebrated her 93rd birthday today.  I celebrate her always.  This one’s my heart. ________________________________________________________ There are people whose work we enjoy and by virtue of that alone we deem them irreplaceable or unforgettable.  There are people with whom we forge an unbreakable, often inexplicable connection because one day they touched us.  Then there […]


Bedtime Story for Loretta Young

A Delirious and Delightful Delving into Love’s Most Entrancing Moments of Mirth and Madness! As far as taglines go, that’s a mouthful!  It belongs to a romantic comedy from Columbia Pictures from 1941, Bedtime Story, directed by Alexander Hall and which stars Fredric March and Loretta Young.  Although this picture is not a standout, by […]


DUELING DIVAS À l’ombre du noir

Concluding a year during which this blog took on a life of its own, I submit what I believe is my last blogathon entry of 2012.  This is a very special event hosted by the ultra talented Backlots, the Dueling Divas blogathon. As my entry, I chose to compare two grand divas of noir, Phyllis Dietrichson in […]


Thugs, mugs and dames…a pictorial

A crime-laden gallery.  As an homage to classic crime films and the legends who portrayed the criminals, following is a historical pictorial from the earliest days of the crime genre on film through the 1940s.  These depict the faces of crime through time.  Some are obscure, some are familiar, but I hope all are enjoyable. […]


My Movie Alphabet

So how many times have I said that I hate lists in posts?  OK.  Many.  I will never do so again.  I ran into Mettel Ray Movie Blog and saw a great blogathon idea that entails creating and commenting on the mother of all lists.  And here I am, by choice, facing quite the challenge […]


Morality and Relationships, IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT

The home of the classics, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) played Frank Capra‘s 1934, Best Picture Academy Award winner, It Happened One Night this past weekend.  This is, for some reason, a film I never think of when I consider Capra’s great films, and he made many of them, but I was reminded on Sunday of […]

humphrey bogart & dooley wilson - casablanca 1943

Everybody comes to Rick’s

Widely considered one of the best films ever made, there is no lack of information and/or commentary available on Michael Curtiz‘ 1942, classic of classics, Casablanca.  We can’t seem to stop watching this film and later, discussing it.  It’s simply a wonder, a miracle of the Hollywood Studio System. That said, here’s another post dedicated […]


Sunset Blvd…It IS Big!

Norma Desmond: “You see, this is my life! It always will be! Nothing else! Just us, the cameras, and those wonderful people out there in the dark…” _______________________________________________ The opening credits role down the famed, Sunset Boulevard and end at the L.A. Country Morgue.  A dead man lies on a slab with an identification tag on […]


Cary Grant’s greatest co-star, Irene Dunne

Irene Dunne and Cary Grant made three pictures together.  Far too few for this fan.  Those were, Leo McCarey’s, The Awful Truth (1937), Garson Kanin’s, My Favorite Wife (1940) and George Stevens’, Penny Serenade (1941).  The first post I ever did for a blogathon was on their first collaboration, which happens to be one of […]

kelly FEAT

Gene Kelly does Summer Stock

The blogosphere is all abuzz this week in celebration of the life and work of Gene Kelly.  Today would have been his 100th birthday.  I just had to do something to honor him.  By way of a simple tribute to him and my (sentimental) favorite of his films, I jump on the Gene Kelly love […]

lemmon FEAT

The magic of Lemmon

This is by far the most difficult post I’ve ever tried to write. I’ve thought about it since I first saw the announcement for the Summer Under the Stars (SUTS) blogathon hosted by Michael and Jill.  I believe that’s over a month ago.  That’s not my usual M.O.   But then this is no ordinary […]


The Best Years of Our Lives

There are movies.  And then there are MOVIES. WWII has just ended and three servicemen meet on their way back home to the town of Boone City.  Air Force Captain Fred Derry, Infantry Sergeant Al Stephenson and Sailor Homer Parrish.  During the day-long journey home, the three men forge a friendship and we get to […]


High Society in The Philadelphia Story

For the most part, I am not a fan of film remakes and am certainly against the remaking of great classic films.  There’s just no need for it.  Remakes are very rarely any good – especially when compared to the originals.  My feeling is leave our classics alone and expose new generations to them, rather than […]

grant skewed

The Hitchcock Signature

For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon III _____________________________________________ Everyone knows that all Alfred Hitchcock films have a lot in common, all that is Alfred Hitchcock. The mark he left on each of his movies is indelible and undeniable, comparable to the mark any of history’s greatest painters left on their art.  As […]

Cary on roof

Set a thief… To Catch a Thief

I sit on a lazy Saturday afternoon watching the beauty of Hitchcock.  Not the man (necessarily), but his work.  He is so deliberate, the master manipulator – I am putty in his hands! To Catch a Thief never comes to mind when I consider my favorite of Alfred Hitchcock’s films – and there are many.  […]