The Dead Travel Fast, but Bram Stoker’s DRACULA lingers

Published 117 years ago this month was Bram Stoker’s tale of Dracula.  If one judges a masterwork by the number and variety of incarnations it spawns in all mediums of communication, then this novel reigns supreme. As the one and only Prince of Darkness, Dracula has taken on many different faces and voices through the years – […]


7 x 7 Award – My favorite posts

I was tagged by three great bloggers, Kari at What Happened to Hollywood, Kristina at Speakeasy and Stephen at Classic Movie Man (thank you!) for what seems to be a “tag-you’re-it” blog award.  To me it means the world that other, very highly regarded bloggers even think of my blog so I’m thrilled to be mentioned not by […]

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Dracula, a tribute

This week (May 26th to be exact) marks the 125th anniversary of the release of Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula.  It went on sale for the first time in London bookshops on that day in 1897.  Since (to me) that novel introduced what would become the single, most popular and influential character in popular culture, I […]