CMBA – Plains, Trains And Automobiles: Hitchcock On a Train

When the Classic Movie Blog Association (CMBA) announced the topic for its fall blogathon, Trains, Planes and Automobiles, the first images that came to mind were from scenes of trains and in trains from Alfred Hitchcock movies.  While the legendary director used all modes of transportation to the advantage of his stories and the peril of […]


On Her Centennial – The NOTORIOUS Ingrid Bergman

Ingrid Bergman was an internationally renowned actress who’s still considered among the best the silver screen has ever featured.  Known for her beauty and talent, Bergman played all types of women on screen – from the simple and pure to the complicated, historical figure and in scenarios that varied from love affairs to international intrigue.  She always […]


Madeleine Carroll set the standard in Hitchcock’s SECRET AGENT (1936)

It’s almost impossible to read about or discuss Alfred Hitchcock‘s body of work without the topic of the “Hitchcock Blonde” being mentioned.  That is, the cool, oft aloof, sexy, stylish female protagonist the master of suspense was partial to, a character as central to making Hitchcock movies thrilling as are the thrills themselves. In those conversations, however, […]


Hitchcock returns to London in a FRENZY (1972)

For his 52nd (and penultimate) film a 72-year-old Alfred Hitchcock returned to London to make the first feature he filmed entirely in his native country in two decades.  On the trip he brought with him a lifetime of experience in art and suspense to make a movie about a subject he’d tackled since the 1920s, the hunt for […]


Just another Hitchcock spy story….The 39 Steps

A handsome, charming, innocent man who is wrongly accused of a crime runs into a smart, beautiful blonde in a chase thriller that revolves around international espionage.  This is the story depicted in what is – exactly – just another Alfred Hitchcock spy story.   Except it is also among the director’s best visual narratives and considered his first masterpiece […]

Actress Jessie Royce Landis

Jessie Royce Landis, WHAT A CHARACTER!

This is a special guest post by Maegan on “A Character Worth Celebrating.”  You can follow Maegan on twitter @MaesMusings ♦ I knew I wanted to write about Jessie Royce Landis for the What a Character! blogathon when I found myself wishing Jessie Stevens—instead of her daughter Francie—would catch John Robie.  A great character actress makes […]


Hitchcock’s masterpiece, REAR WINDOW

The camera pans across a courtyard bypassing windows, showing glimpses of life.  The view is – counter-clockwise and in full circle – from a rear window.  Our perspective changes as the camera dictates and as it completes the circle we enter through that rear window and land upon the sweaty forehead of a sleeping man. […]


Alfred Hitchcock: The Lodger – Radio Drama

Alfred Hitchcock directs Herbert Marshall in a radio SUSPENSE adaptation of THE LODGER, which aired on July 21, 1940.   Posted to celebrate Turner Classic Movies’ (TCM), Sundays With Hitchcock, a 43-film festival dedicated to the films of the Master of Suspense throughout the month of September 2013.


Cary Grant: The Road to Suspicion

There’s so much that could be said about the extraordinary career of Cary Grant, arguably the greatest of all movie stars and one of the most important actors in cinema history.  Today I delve into the part of his career that led him to meet and subsequently work with one of the greatest directors who […]


1st known Hitchcock film preserved

Back in May of last year I had the privilege to participate in the For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon III.  My contribution was a post titled, “The Hitchcock Signature” for the grand event hosted by the Self Styled Siren, Ferdy on Films, and This Island Rod.  That blogathon was intended to raise funds for the National Film Preservation […]


Watching THE BIRDS

Last night I was one of the very happy many who saw Alfred Hitchcock’s 1963 classic, The Birds on a big screen thanks to Turner Classic Movies (TCM), Fathom Events and Universal Studios whose Centennial the release is commemorating – one of several special screenings of Universal classics happening this year. The Birds has always […]


7 x 7 Award – My favorite posts

I was tagged by three great bloggers, Kari at What Happened to Hollywood, Kristina at Speakeasy and Stephen at Classic Movie Man (thank you!) for what seems to be a “tag-you’re-it” blog award.  To me it means the world that other, very highly regarded bloggers even think of my blog so I’m thrilled to be mentioned not by […]


Ingrid – a career in pictures

Updated for her centennial – of one of Hollywood’s most beloved and enduring figures, Ingrid Bergman.  A fantastic actress and stunning beauty, Bergman’s appeal has not waned through the decades, her long career admired by several generations of movie-goers. I hadn’t the time or inclination to publish a post on this day.  But it’s bothering me […]


Play Misty for Me – Eastwood does Hitchcock

“And now a little diddy for all you bloggers out there in the airwaves.  My contribution to The Best Hitchcock films Hitchcock Never Made blogathon, hosted by the fabulous Tales of the Easily Distracted and Classic Becky’s Brain Food .  From an era gone by, misty memories.” ____________________________________________________________ Dave Garver arrives at KRML, a local radio […]

grant skewed

The Hitchcock Signature

For the Love of Film: The Film Preservation Blogathon III _____________________________________________ Everyone knows that all Alfred Hitchcock films have a lot in common, all that is Alfred Hitchcock. The mark he left on each of his movies is indelible and undeniable, comparable to the mark any of history’s greatest painters left on their art.  As […]

Cary on roof

Set a thief… To Catch a Thief

I sit on a lazy Saturday afternoon watching the beauty of Hitchcock.  Not the man (necessarily), but his work.  He is so deliberate, the master manipulator – I am putty in his hands! To Catch a Thief never comes to mind when I consider my favorite of Alfred Hitchcock’s films – and there are many.  […]


The Dark Side of Genius

Some time ago I read Donald Spoto’s 1999 book, The Dark Side of Genius: The Life of Alfred Hitchcock.  Here are my thoughts on the book and its infinitely fascinating subject… As soon as one begins to read Daniel Spoto’s The Dark Side of Genius it is apparent that the book’s emphasis is on the […]

Lady Vanishes

The Lady Vanishes…

… (1938) is the last film Alfred Hitchcock would make in England before his move to Los Angeles to start work in the Hollywood Studio system.  Defying some genre conventions, The Lady Vanishes is a fun film, as far as Hitchcock films go, and outright funny at times.  But a Hitchcock film it is in […]